How civilised the British

There is little more annoying than seeing a man (usually a man) puff up his chest, beat it with fists and holler his love for God, country and/or team.

An unfortunate part of being an expat in London right now is seeing the usually good-natured Scots wallow in patriotism and both rudely and publicly flirt with nationalism, itself barely a step from racism.

The risks of independence are huge – the lost benefits equally so. If there ever was or is a case for free trade, unrestricted movement, a shared legal framework and common association amongst people, then surely it is so for the largest British isle.

Yet the world could quite possibly soon watch centuries of tangled roots be ripped apart. I would not bet against the SNP from here.(1)

But while traversing down the emotional thread of alternating credulity and misapprehension that every foreigner looking at this issue has or will go through, it struck me how ridiculous the whole spectacle really is.

This is a moral issue where the Brits are once again streaks ahead of the world, and most of the rest of the West. I don’t even need to give examples.(2)

In sight of blood-boiling nationalism on one side (the same both North and South of the border), we are treated to the astonishing reality that the English really would amputate a rather significant limb to keep accordance with the law.

How uplifting to see the true level of modern British civilisation.

(1) I joke, there’s a price for everything. I wonder what odds that Tom Waterhouse wanker is giving.
(2) Spain/Catalonia, IraqSyriaTurkey/Kurds, Israel/Middle East (and vice versa), Ukraine/Crimea – on which even my most favourite commentators blatantly disregard the actual vote which actually just took place, Western Australia/rest of Australia, I should stop…


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