The world’s political scumbags can barely contain their excitement in lining up to support Mr Blatter.
The filthy hacks of FIFA have always been irritating, but as a rule it’s best not to get too worked up about things like this. Plenty of corrupt men actually do die old, rich, happy and oversexed. It’s probably best not to get too worked up about it.
But as an Aussie there’s one part of the saga that particularly niggles.
Australia not only received one vote for what has become Qatar’s World Cup, we also tried to use honest taxpayer coin to peddle influence with FIFA’s slimiest officials.
Of  $46 million the Federal Government provided for our embarrassingly unsuccessful bid, a full $12 million was handed to three of Sepp’s pals, led by a Peter Hartigay, ‘special advisor’ to Sepp himself. This guy:
Peter Hartigay
$500 thousand more made it directly into Jack Warner’s personal bank account.
I can’t tell if it’s worse that the Australian government paid this awful man, or that the leading lights at FFA were naive enough to think that half a million was going to cut it.
I can imagine the conversations when Sepp Blatter rocked up to Australia, all charm, and convinced FFA to make a bid he knew would fail. A con artist of the highest order.
How do you end up with a $12 million pay check from a country like Australia? Where does such a career even start?
Mr Hartigay’s first claim to fame was to fly in to Bhopal after one of the more horrific chemical accidents in industrial history. He masterminded the PR campaign that helped Union Carbide avoid paying due compensation to the survivors and the families of those that drowned to death in poison gas – a real kick in the teeth.
This is the man Australia saw fit to pay $12 million for a losing bid. Makes you not want to pay your taxes.

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