What's information really about? It seems to me there's something
direly wrong with the Information Economy. It's not about data, it's
about attention. In a few years you may be able to carry the Library
of Congress around in your hip pocket. So? You're never gonna read the
Library of Congress. You'll die long before you access one tenth of
one percent of it.  What's important - increasingly important is the
process by which you figure out what to look at. This is the beginning
of the real and true economics of information. Not who owns the books,
who prints the books, who has the holdings. The crux here is access,
not holdings. And not even access itself, but the signposts that tell
you what to access - what to pay attention to. In the Information
Economy everything is plentiful - except attention.
(Bruce Sterling, cyberpunk science fiction author and futurist)

If you’re ever bored on the internet take a look at this page from the 90s.


It’s a collection of ‘magazines’ in deliciously old-school fonts on the themes of anarchy and hacking.

I’ve only flicked through a fraction of them but highlights include authors describing how to make free calls old-school telephone systems by whistling the right pitch and a how-to guide to creating and modifying various viruses that stalked Microsoft users throughout the world in the 90s.

I always thought of computer viruses in similar terms to the biological flavour – basically a complete mystery – but these are orders of magnitude simpler. It’s worth reading just to see how ineffective those infuriating computer updates are. All they do is search your computer for snippets of text from known viruses. But now, you too, can find the code, change it slightly and launch your own little terror.

The anarchist ravings are also top notch, due to the complete irreverence of the authors, even if they sometimes tend to miss the mark.

A lot of material here.. if you find anything interesting let me know.


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